DJ Industry Standards
A DJ shall hold in strict confidence all information provided in confidence by a client, associate or person requesting confidentiality. In addition to the DJ's fiduciary obligation to the client, DJs shall at all times exercise loyalty to the interests of the client with respect to confidential information and shall not engage in any activity which could be reasonably construed as contrary to the best interests of the client or associate. The DJ shall not use confidential information for personal purposes or personal gain.
The DJ shall not disclose to a third party any confidential or proprietary information concerning an associate, client's business or personal affairs unless the disclosure is required or compelled by law or regulations. All obligations and duties of the DJ to clients, firms and employers shall also apply to relationships with former clients and former firms and employers. The DJ shall act in a professional manner when, for whatever reason, relationships are terminated between the DJ and clients.
  1. The DJ has a duty to hold in strict confidence all information acquired in the course of the professional relationship concerning the business, associates and affairs of the client, and the DJ should not divulge any information unless he(she) is expressly authorized by the DJ's client(s), associate or as required by law, to do so.

  2. The DJ owes the duty of confidentiality to every client and associate without exception, regardless of whether he is continuing or casual client. The duty survives the professional relationship and continues indefinitely after the DJ has ceased to act for the client or associate whether or not differences may have arisen between them.

  3. The DJ cannot render effective professional service unless there is full and unreserved communication between the DJ and his(her) client. At the same time the client(s) must feel completely secure and he(she) is entitled to process on the basis that, without any express request or stipulation on his(her) part, matters disclosed to or discussed with a DJ will be held confidential.

  4. Disclosure by the DJ may also be permitted or required in order to defend himself(herself) or the DJ's associates or employees against any allegation of malpractice or misconduct, or in legal proceedings to establish or collect the DJ's fee, but only to the extent necessary for such purposes.

  5. The relationship between the DJ and the DJ's client(s) forbids that the DJ use any confidential information for the benefit of himself(herself) or a third person or to the disadvantage of the DJ's client(s).


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