DJ Industry Standards
Quality of Service is an expectation and demand of all DJs.
A DJ's quality of service is an outgrowth of technical competence, personal character, responsive and informative communication; and appropriate care of property.

1. Technical competence is knowledge and the appropriate skillful application of knowledge.

  • Knowledge is possessing an informed understanding of the subject matter of a DJ's field of practice or employment, based on education and experience. Because technical competence is not static, continuing education, both formal and informal, is necessary to maintain and improve a DJ's knowledge and understanding.
  • Skillfulness is the appropriate application of knowledge. It is the focusing of one's knowledge in the most effective manner resulting in diligently and thoroughly completed services. It includes the ability to recognize and acknowledge the need to obtain additional qualified assistance and or expertise when necessary.

2. Personal character is a quality which is demonstrated through trustworthiness, truthfulness and professional conduct. It demands full disclosure of all pertinent information, data and records. It is manifested through providing services with the highest degree of integrity.

3. Communication must be responsive, informative and accurate. Communication includes, but is not limited to timely responses to inquiries from others in an appropriate and needful manner; keeping of appointments; complying with client and employer requests for information; periodic updates to the client or employer on project progress, and informing the client or employer when problems are encountered that may effect their event.

4. A client's or employer's property entrusted to a DJ creates a fiduciary relationship which means that detailed and accurate records are kept and property is not commingled or used personally.



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