Draws Line in The Sand
In an effort to make MP3 music available to the world, has attempted to negotiate a program with the RIAA (Record Industry Association of America for distribution and sales. The RIAA has decided to block all attempts to move forward. As a result, has decided to resist and fight the RIAA's actions.
Letters between's president Michael Robertson and RIAA president/CEO Hilary Rosen have been exchanged and published on there respective Websites. Below are links to those letters for you review.
June 16,1999
MP3 Player Gets Court Approval
RIAA on the defensive
Aug. 5,1999
MP3 Player Lawsuits Dropped
RIAA defeat
Jan. 21,2000
RIAA Press Release
Announcement of Law Suite by RIAA
Jan. 21,2000
Ms. Rosen letter about litigation
Jan. 21,2000 Press Release
John Lenihan, GCI Group, PR
Jan. 21,2000 to RIAA
Mr. Robertson's resonance to RIAA
Jan. 26,2000
RIAA Sues Over Service
Look at the numbers.
Feb 6,2000 Fights Back files sue against RIAA
We should all join in and support's position and do what we can to help them. Write to the RIAA and express your views on this subject. Write to Ms. Hilary Rosen
In Testimony before the House Commerce Committee Subcommittee on Telecommunications, Trade and Consumer Protection on October 28, 1999, Ms. Hilary Rosen closed her presentation this this statement.
"The recording industry is in the business of capturing the magic in that connection and delivering the experience to millions of listeners around the world".
By preventing the usage of the MP3 format, Ms. Rosen in contradicting her own statement.